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EU Business Support


Make  Business in 500 million market !

EU business support

We support you to enter EU market  and provide you successful marketing and sales strategy in each country of EU.  We support you to set up the European headquarters.  We have good relationship with distributors, wholesalers and big retail chain stores in EU.  We can distribute your products  speedily with efficiency margin to target market in EU.

Planning European Sales strategy and agent activities
* Marketing analysis and investigation
* Test sales
* MPL management (profit and loss and marginal profit calculation)
* PSI management
* Each country distributor and major retail chain management
* Strategy of development in market plan
* Wholesale and retail price (Suggested price) setting
* Market price analysis
* Competitor analysis
* Sales collection management
* Credit limit management
* Customer balance sheet and Financial statement analysis
* Preparing Contract
* Shipment and physical distribution management
* Stock control
* Bonded goods sales management
* L/C dealings management
* Setting of sales target with customer
* Bonus plan for customers and negotiation for marketing expense
* Set up sales office
* The sales representative's arrangement
* Exhibition to international trade fair
* E-commerce

Planning European Marketing strategy and agent activities
* Marketing display installation in strategy retail chain
* Promotion staff's arrangement
* Marketing goods development and proposal to customer
* POP development and proposal to each retail chain in each country
* Analysis of Traffic of each store and location
* analysis cost-effectiveness of marketing investment in each store
* Negotiation for marketing expense with major retail chain stores
* Management of commodity briefing and schooling
* Brand marketing strategy
* Teaching selling technique for promotion staff
* Arrangement of flier, billboard, TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine campaign
* Internet marketing
* SEO management
* Direct mail marketing